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Cal Poly Women’s Lacrosse Donation Opportunities


This year, as we begin our season and the road towards another national championship tournament, we have the following levels of opportunities for sponsorship's:


$15,000.00              The Grand Mustang (covers travel costs to National’s)

$12, 000.00             The Saddle Swag (covers the cost of uniforms)

$10,000.00              The Ultimate Teammate (covers the cost of league and club fees)

$ 5,000.00               The Champion (covers our head coach’s salary for one year)

$ 2,500.00               The MVP (covers half of our team’s gear and apparel)

$ 1,000.00               The Golden Stick (covers National Championship entrance fee)

$ 500.00                  The Goal Saver (covers game day operations)

$ 250.00                  The Hat-Trick (general sponsorship)

$ 100.00                  The Final Sprint (general sponsorship)

$ 50.00                    The Fearless Fan (general sponsorship)

Please make checks payable to ASI and Memo Women's Lacrosse and mail them to the following address:          

          Cal Poly Women's Lacrosse Club

          ATTN: Club Sports

          1 Grand Avenue

          San Luis Obispo, CA 93407-0675

Thank you for joining our support team for this upcoming season!